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      New Climate Discovery                      

 Watch Climate Catholicism and Greenhouse Dreams on YouTube.  

1)  The Discovery

     The crystal clear solar system wide climate discovery by Dr. Ned Nikolov (politically conservative) and Dr. Karl Zeller (politically liberal) is based on official NASA space probe data.  They used advanced mathematical analysis techniques to study the climates of rocky surfaced planets and moons in our solar system.  They found they could accurately predict their long term average baseline surface temperatures by knowing just two strategic facts: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure.  This formula has worked correctly for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto, and for Earth’s moon, Europa, Callisto, Titan, and Triton.  Their predictions have been proven accurate to within one degree Celsius.  Like the value of Pi, this mathematical relationship will never go away because it was created by Nature, not by man.

     Nikolov and Zeller found that the specific gaseous composition of atmospheres is irrelevant to determining their long-term average baseline surface temperatures.  For example, the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide, while Earth’s atmosphere contains only .04% carbon dioxide, yet that information was not even needed to predict baseline temperature.  The logical conclusion is that atmospheric gases only contribute to warming by their physical mass, which increases atmospheric pressure.  That is why the top of Mount Everest is always colder than the bottom of Death Valley.  Lower pressure causes lower temperatures and higher pressure causes higher temperatures.       Schools teach us that the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere of Venus creates a powerful greenhouse effect that keeps surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead, about 462 degrees Celsius.  The new evidence suggests that heat is actually produced by Venus’s proximity to the Sun and the weight of its atmosphere, which is over 90 times heavier than Earth’s.  Venus’s tremendous atmospheric mass produces crushing atmospheric pressure, which generates intense heat.

     Atmospheric gas compression heating due to gravity keeps the Earth warm, not a greenhouse effect.  Nikolov and Zeller suggest that the "greenhouse gas effect" be replaced by the term "atmospheric thermal enhancement."  Nikolov states that "pressure increases the internal energy of a large system such as a planet by virtue of its FORCE, and there is no need for constant pressure fluctuations to do this.  The atmospheric adiabatic lapse rate is a proof!"
 He goes on to say that "the greenhouse climate theory assumes that 99.5% of the atmospheric mass and its associated surface pressure has ZERO effect on Earth's global surface temperature, and the entire atmospheric thermal effect is caused by just 0.5% of atmospheric gases.  It's an UTTER NONSENSE!"      Exactly how the force of gravity increases atmospheric temperatures is open for public debate because we really do not understand what gravity is.  Our best provable evidence tells us that gravity driven atmospheric compression heating happens everywhere on Earth at all times.  We do not notice it because it is a continuous phenomenon.  Without it our oceans would freeze to the equator.      Dr. Nikolov and Dr. Zeller also found that Sun-induced variations in the quantity of clouds reflecting sunlight back into space is responsible for relatively short term fluctuations in global temperature.  This phenomenon is technically known as the level of "cloud albedo."  We have branded these naturally occurring relatively short term variations in global temperatures as "climate change."  If you are terrified by the minor warming of less than one degree Celsius the Earth has experienced since the year 1880, you should blame Mother Nature, not General Motors.  See video.

     How can two Davids fight a thousand and one Goliaths?  If the Mafia owned The New York Times, they would never publish another story on gangland crimes.  Likewise, most of the big science journals, newspapers, television, and radio networks are part of a Big Brother blockade on open climate science debate.  Zeller and Nikolov were forced to use guerrilla tactics to get their mathematical discovery published because they had already earned a reputation for being intellectually independent skeptics.  Thus, Zeller and Nikolov submitted a paper with their own names spelled backwards.  The paper was peer-reviewed and accepted for its scientific merit, but later rescinded when the publisher found out they had obfuscated their true identities.  Now news organizations throw mud at Nikolov and Zeller while praising ridiculous scientific theories that support draconian measures to fight a problem that does not exist.  In our current dark totalitarian situation, where climate science has been corrupted by politics, new age religion, money, and ego, how can the true facts ever get out?
2)  The Fallacy

     Dr. Nikolov points out that the greenhouse gas theory violates the Energy-Conservation Law in trying to explain our atmosphere's very real thermal enhancement effect exclusively through radiation.  Specifically, the total amount of short wave solar radiation absorbed by the Earth is about 240 watts per square meter.  The measured long wave radiation coming down from our atmosphere is about 343 watts per square meter.  This downward long wave radiation has been falsely assumed to be due to greenhouse gases absorbing long wave radiation emitted by Earth’s surface as it heats up through short wave radiation bombardment from the Sun.  We thus have 43% more energy coming down from the atmosphere than all the energy received from the Sun in total.  The most likely cause of this excess energy is the force of gravity on our atmospheric mass creating a compression heating effect, not a greenhouse effect, which by definition can only help contain energy created by the Sun.

     "Interpreting atmospheric IR (infrared) back radiation as an external heating energy flux to the surface is like viewing the observed apparent rotation of celestial bodies "around" Earth as a "proof" that Earth was at the center of the Universe, a mistake made for 1000 years!" — Dr. Ned Nikolov

     "There is no propensity for CO2 to store heat in a systematic way over time to produce a climate change effect."  Dr. Rex J. Fleming, former NOAA climate scientist
3)  The Evidence

     Earth’s climate history does not reveal any evidence of carbon dioxide increasing Earth’s temperatures as a greenhouse gas.  The temperature increase Earth experienced after the end of the Little Ice Age (1300 to 1870) up to about 1940 was not caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions because industrial output during those years was too low to make any significant difference.  Therefore, the heat waves and droughts that caused the Dust Bowl of the 1930s had nothing to do with fossil fuels. 

     Industrial output and CO2 emissions increased dramatically during the post World War II economic boom, but Earth's temperature dropped after 1940 until about 1975.  By the early 1970s the weather had become so cold that there was fear of a coming ice age.  On June 24, 1974, Time magazine published an article titled "Another Ice Age?"  It stated that “Telltale signs (of global cooling) are everywhere — from the unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice in the waters around Iceland to the southward migration of a warmth-loving creature like the armadillo from the Midwest.  Since the 1940s the mean global temperature has dropped about 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.”  The article goes on to complain that “In Africa, drought continues for the sixth consecutive year, adding terribly to the toll of famine victims.  During 1972 record rains in parts of the U.S., Pakistan and Japan caused some of the worst flooding in centuries.  In Canada's wheat belt, a particularly chilly and rainy spring has delayed planting and may well bring a disappointingly small harvest.”  In 1978, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy narrated a television show titled "The Coming Ice Age."  If carbon dioxide was the driving force behind temperature increases, the Earth would have experienced vigorous heating during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, not the remarkable cooling that actually occurred.  

     When the world dramatically increased biofuel farming during the Bush and Obama administrations, CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions rose as a result of deforestation, land use change, and increased fertilizer production, yet Earth's global temperature remained flat instead of rising. That fact goes counter to the basic premises of the man-made global warming hypothesis.


     In an unrelated independent study, the Irish father and son scientist team of Dr. Michael Connolly and Dr. Ronan Connolly (both politically liberal) conducted a review of over twenty million weather balloon flight data recordings collected since the 1950s.  Using computer analysis techniques, they found that carbon dioxide in our atmosphere emits infrared light energy into Space at exactly the same rate that it absorbs infrared light energy, so the net result is nothing.  The Connolly team found that scientists of the past had ignored the dramatic effects of the Newton's Cradle Effect, also known as through mass mechanical energy transmissionThe Newton's Cradle Effect transfers energy mechanically through the atmosphere at a rate that is a thousand times greater than the thermal energy transmission mechanisms used in IPCC computer models.  It is such an efficient mechanism for atmospheric cooling that it makes heat trapping through a greenhouse gas effect impossible, not just improbable.     Imagine our atmosphere filled with a variety of gases, and each molecule of gas as a little ball.  How are you going to stop all those little floating balls from banging into one another and transmitting their kinetic energy up to the stratosphere?  Without a solid glass or plastic wall surrounding the Earth there can be no greenhouse effect.  The modest infrared absorptive properties of carbon dioxide and methane only makes convection cooling and the Newton's Cradle effect work more efficiently, so the net result is nothing.  Armed with a treasure trove of new evidence, they came to the following conclusions.
     “We carried out new laboratory experiments, and analyzed the data from millions of weather balloons to calculate exactly how much global warming carbon dioxide was causing.  When we did this, we discovered that the answer was zero.” 

     "It turns out that some of the assumptions used in man-made global warming theory had never actually been tested.  When we tested them, we discovered that they were invalid."

     “It does not matter whether we double, triple, or even quadruple the carbon dioxide concentration.  Carbon dioxide has no impact on atmospheric temperatures.” 

     "The "unusual global warming" that has caused such concern is not unusual, after all.  We found that the world naturally switches between periods of global warming and periods of global cooling, with each period lasting several decades."  
     There is no greenhouse gas effect because no free flowing gas can trap heat.  You can prove this fact by striking a match and placing your hand a few inches above the flame.  You feel the heat because the carbon dioxide created by combustion does nothing to block the transmission of heat through convection cooling, the Newton’s Cradle Effect, and infrared radiation.  All of these effects are intertwined and act as a bucket brigade transferring heat from the surface of the Earth all the way up to the stratosphere.  Carbon dioxide cannot stop this heat loss for the same reasons you cannot build a boat out of a badminton net.  See the Connolly's YouTube video, Balloons in the Air: Understanding Weather and Climate.  
The Connolly scientific papers can be found on their website, Global Warming Solved

     A study by Dr. Jyrki Kauppinen and Dr. Pekka Malmi, from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Turku in Finland, found that the IPCC’s computer generated climate models fail to consider the very strong influence of solar mediated low cloud cover changes on global temperature.  The authors state that the IPCC’s results cannot be considered valid experimental evidence.  See No Experimental Evidence For The Significant Anthropogenic Climate Change  The Kauppinen-Malmi finding was supported by Professor Masayuki Hyodo’s work at the Research Center for Inland Seas at Kobe University in Japan.  Hyodo's team published a paper on June 28, 2019, in the on line edition of Scientific Reports, which detailed the impact of cosmic rays on Earth's climate.  See Intensified East Asian winter monsoon during the last geomagnetic reversal transition

     Biological proxy records show scientists what life was like in the past through fossils, tree rings, and organic residue of animal and plant life.  All of those records tell us there is no unusual warming going on today.  As just one example, a Chinese archaeological biology based study has found that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have had no effect on climate.  Dr. Wu Jing, from the Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment, discovered that China’s winters have been warming since 4,000 BC.  She found that the “Driving forces include the Sun, the atmosphere, and its interaction with the ocean.”  Her research group concluded that “We have detected no evidence of human influence."  Dr. Wu Jing is currently worried about global cooling, and states that "A sharp drop of temperature will benefit nobody."  See China scientists warn of global cooling trick up nature’s sleeve

4)  The Jurassic Period
pterodactylsJurassic Period
     The new evidence helps explain our planet’s history.  During the Jurassic Period, about 200 million years ago, Earth was significantly warmer with tropical plants growing in polar regions.  Dinosaurs ruled the land while pterodactyls roamed the skies.  Pterodactyls were large winged reptiles that flew like birds despite their heavy bone structure.  Flight would be impossible in today’s relatively thin atmosphere, but when pterodactyls existed our atmosphere must have been much denser; perhaps up to three times as dense.  The greater the air density, the greater the aerodynamic lift, and the greater the atmospheric heat.

5)  Correcting Misconceptions

     Air pollution lowers temperatures instead of raising them because pollution blocks sunlight and reflects it back into Space.  That is why volcanic eruptions cause global cooling.  Politicians unscientifically brand carbon dioxide as a "pollutant," forgetting the obvious proven fact that carbon dioxide creates and fuels all life on Earth — and most likely — all life that exists anywhere in the universe.  Adding more carbon dioxide to our atmosphere makes plants grow faster, bigger, and more resistant to drought, which produces more food, lumber, cotton, and flowers.  If we could triple atmospheric CO2 levels, which would probably take over 300 years to accomplish, we would stimulate optimum plant growth and drought resistance.  Plants would develop fewer stomatal pores to absorb CO2, which means fewer pores for moisture to escape from.  This allows plants to manage their water supply more efficiently.  NASA satellite observations have shown this is already happening around the world, helping to produce record harvests.  If we wanted to make Earth warmer, we will have to either significantly increase total atmospheric pressure or permanently reduce global cloud cover, both daunting tasks beyond our capabilities.
CO2 levels 420 million yearsCO2 vs. air temperatures
6)  Renewable Energy  

     Windmills and solar schemes have been financial and ecological disasters all over the world, causing far more harm than good, and without any benefit to our climate.  Needlessly increasing the cost of electricity hurts the poor the most.  Global biofuel farming has raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world.  It has increased topsoil erosion, deforestation, water pollution, phosphate resource depletion, and deaths due to malnutrition and related illness.  By even the most conservative estimates, global biofuel farming has killed far more people over the last twenty years than all wars and acts of terrorism combined.  Malnutrition is the primary worldwide cause of avoidable mental retardation in children, but environmentalists and politicians do not seem to care.  Pesticides used on biofuel crops are a major cause of the worldwide kill-off of bees and other beneficial insects.  

7)  Hysteria

     According to NASA, Earth’s average temperature only increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1880, which was before global industrialization and any significant "greenhouse gas" release.  2020 was significantly cooler than 1998, and the global cooling trend seems to be continuing.  
When did the Earth have a more pleasant climate than we have today?  The honest answer is probably NEVER.  The only time when our climate could possibly be considered better was during the Medieval Warm Period (800 to 1400 AD).  Europe prospered with mild temperatures, and food was plentiful.  Even frigid Greenland was green with vegetation.  The Earth was many degrees warmer back then, but we became hysterical over a tiny 0.8 degree Celsius increase in temperature.    

     The obvious political, financial, and religious motives for spreading climate hysteria are the real drivers of our irrational anti-carbon policies, not science.  Apocalyptic doomsday religions have been popular since the dawn of man, and climate hysteria is an ancient phenomenon that has plagued our past.  Five hundred years ago the weather was so extreme that Europeans burned alive thousands of people accused of being "weather witches." Through "weather cooking" they were believed to have caused terrifying storms that destroyed crops and killed farm animals. Only a few citizens objected to burning their neighbors and using torture to gain confessions. The dissenters believed that weather is controlled by Nature, not by man.  If you express those exact sentiments today even United States senators and congressmen will brand you a "denier," a term historically used in different forms by virtually all intolerant religions around the world.  See
Dr. Baliunas on Weather Cooking (YouTube video).

     Scientists — devout true believers — at NASA, NOAA, and the IPCC have been caught distorting data to increase our level of anxiety.  You can argue with science, but you cannot argue with religious fervor.  Thus, we see the Orwellian spectacle of Americans protesting “global warming” during record cold and snow.  Humans are 18.5% carbon by weight, eat carbon based food, and live in homes made of carbon.  A war against carbon is a war against the essential fuel of life and our own families.

8)  The Bottom Line

     In the hallucinatory computer modeling world of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whenever we unleash carbon dioxide we add insulation to our atmosphere, which holds in the heat we get from the Sun.  In the real life world of actual events, the carbon dioxide created by a match, an automobile, or a fossil fuel fired power plant does nothing to insulate our planet.  Carbon dioxide helps facilitate convection cooling and the Newton's Cradle effect, which are intertwined.  Together, they disperse hot gases and their kinetic energy upward, transferring ground level heat all the way up to the stratosphere where it is ultimately radiated into Space.  Carbon dioxide produces an inconsequential infrared glow effect, not a greenhouse effect.

     The Nikolov-Zeller discovery and the Connolly weather balloon analysis have been examined by scientists around the world, yet no one has been able to find flaw in their mathematics or logic, only displeasure in what their discoveries mean.  This means that the whole charade of dangerous man-made global warming has been much ado about nothing, a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, that has cost the world trillions of dollars and destroyed millions of lives.  It makes famous leaders look like charlatans and fools, and puts into jeopardy the renewable energy business, which has become a vampiric drain on humanity rather than a savior.  Nikolov and Zeller and Michael and Ronan Connolly have not been rewarded for making the greatest discoveries in climatology of the twenty-first century.  Instead, they have faced censorship, mud throwing, and deafening-silence from world leaders who should use this new information to develop productive energy policies that will dramatically elevate the human standard of living worldwide.  

To fully understand the Nikolov-Zeller climate discovery, please follow these easy steps.

1)  Watch
 Climate Catholicism and Greenhouse Dreams 
on YouTube.  

2)  See Ned Nikolov's
 A New Geophysical Paradigm about Drivers of Earth's Paleoclimate

See Ned Nikolov's Role of Albedo in Planetary Climates: New Insights from a Semi-empirical Global Surface Temperature Model

 Read New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect (2017) 

5)  Read Dr. Ned Nikolov's rapier sharp response to critics.  

Dr. Ned Nikolov: Dispelling the Milankovitch Myth.” 

If this new scientific discovery is false, why do the numbers line up like a winning Powerball ticket?  The odds of it being a coincidence have to be millions to one.  Science progresses through an open-minded peer review process, not through censorship of new scientific findings.  No newly acquired information should be rejected just because it goes against currently popular beliefs, is embarrassing to your political party, and hurts your personal pride and potential for financial gain.  Remember, this is a fundamental discovery, not just a human imagined theory like a greenhouse gas effect.  Nature created this mathematical relationship; Nikolov and Zeller just unearthed it with their mathematical skills.  If you do not like the obvious implications of this nature created mathematical relationship, then blame Mother Nature.  She created the value of Pi, E=MC2, and the sharply defined relationship between atmospheric pressure and atmospheric heat.
solar system
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