Obama the king of starvation

The King of Starvation - Barack Obama
I'm “really good at killing people.” — Barack Obama commenting on his illegal drone attacks.

     It is reasonable to estimate that global biofuel production has killed, at minimum, more people worldwide than all wars and acts of terrorism combined during the 1993 to 2013 time frame, a death toll of approximately 1.76 million.  Biofuel deaths are a very hot, politically charged topic, and I am trying to get an official ON THE RECORD number I can quote rather than disseminate the many horrific "off the record" estimates I keep getting from publicity shy officials and food supply/world hunger specialists.  It is certainly reasonable to estimate that global biofuel production has been, at the very least, a contributing factor (one of many factors) in at least 100 million human deaths since 1993.  The number of deaths where biofuels were the predominant deciding life or death factor is much more difficult to ascertain.  I do not trust large scale phenomena based statistics, but I am forced by circumstance to seek them out to put global biofuel production into an historical perspective.  Certainly, after the renewable energy craze has subsided, future historians will look back on this period of world history and come up with statistics that will be both staggering and frightening.  Sleepwalking to Starvation is my suggestion as a good title to use for one of the many books which will inevitably be written about this dark time when the uniformed masses became disastrously enthralled with snake oil energy solutions.

     We can use a reasonable comparison of Obama's policies to Chairman Mao Tse-tung's infamous Great Leap Forward five year economic plan, which is estimated to have killed between 20 and 43 million Chinese over a short three year period.  Mao had faddish, unscientific ideas about how to grow food, and he banned private farms in 1958 in his shift to communes and greater industrial output at the expense of agriculture.  This led to a 15% drop in grain production in China in 1959, and another 10% reduction in 1960.  That does not sound like much of a dip in food production, but it was enough to starve millions.
  The global biofuel disaster is a vastly larger event that has displaced food production in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia, and in many small island nations.  Biofuels have been produced for many years, and the diversion of agricultural resources to feeding cars and trucks instead of people has been enormous and is ongoing.  When you jack up the price of fertilizer and farmland all over the world, higher food prices inevitably result.  High food prices have the same net effect as outright food shortages.  If you live on less than $2.00 per day and do not have enough money to buy sufficient food in the marketplace, the food will never reach your stomach.

     Going against all the scientific and economic evidence, and ignoring pleas from hunger fighting organizations, environmental groups, and food producers (see: followthescience.org), President Barack Obama has increased the allowable ethanol content of gasoline to 15%, which will further escalate food price inflation, damage engines, increase greenhouse gas release, speed topsoil erosion, and use up our finite supplies of phosphates needed to produce fertilizer.  Obama has done this to please giant ethanol distillers like Archer Daniels Midland
, who financed Obama’s presidential campaign, and provided Obama with corporate jets used to crisscross the nation selling his mathematically impossible energy policy.  Instead of putting food supply security and people first, Obama has put corporate profits first.  All American presidents since Jimmy Carter are to blame for the biofuel disaster, as well as all of the world leaders who have mandated biofuel production.  No leader of any nation has done more to raise the cost of food than Barack Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush.

     The United States is currently using over 41% of its corn crop to produce ethanol, which does nothing to reduce our dependence on oil because it is inherently energy inefficient to manufacture ethanol from corn.  Biofuels are a dead end technology as it is even more energy inefficient and thus expensive to produce ethanol from cellulose, which is the false hope of biofuel advocates.  Agricultural economist William Jaeger studied all forms of biofuels extensively and concluded that "Given currently available technologies, it is difficult to see the net contribution of biofuels rising above 1% of our current fossil fuel energy consumption – for either Oregon or the U.S."  

     Globally, topsoil is being lost ten times faster than it is being replenished, and 30% of the world's arable land has become unproductive in the past 40 years due to erosion.  The USA is in serious jeopardy of losing adequate food growing capacity within 100 years or less due to erosion.  Growing corn for ethanol is dramatically increasing the rate of topsoil erosion in our prime Midwest growing areas.  Ask biofuel advocates if helping to destroy the ability of future generations to grow food is a worthy environmental goal.

     Foolish political mandates combined with bad weather turned Mao's well meaning economic plan into one of the greatest famines in world history.  There is no historical record of anyone warning Chairman Mao that his ideas would cause mass starvation.  Barack Obama has been repeatedly warned by his own advisers that biofuel production harms the environment and skyrockets food prices, and Obama himself admitted on NBC's Meet The Press to the late Tim Russert that ethanol production was causing food price inflation.  Therefore, Barack Obama is even more culpable than Chairman Mao.

     Why does television news refuse to cover this greatest crime of the 21st century?  Part of the reason is that American television is also guilty of promoting the biofuel disaster.  Mike Wallace aired a seminal pro-biofuel segment on 60 Minutes years ago, and 60 Minutes has no stomach to admit their error in judgment.  Our media reports endless stories about Hollywood celebrities, but nothing about the deaths of millions caused by Obama's suicidal and homicidal agricultural policies.  Our media ignores the fact that the United States Department of Agriculture is no longer protecting the human food supply, and has become an ethanol profits lobbying organization.  The Environmental Protection Agency has also become a sham, a rubber stamp for Obama's reckless policies that have increased greenhouse gas release more than any new activity of man.

     Grain prices skyrocketed and the cost of chicken, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese and other grain dependent foods rose, as did all foods that require fertilizer to grow.  Biofuel production uses tremendous amounts of fertilizers, which causes water pollution and drives up the cost of all fertilizer, thus raising the cost of all vegetables and most fruits.  Biofuel production hurts everyone in the long run, even those who are currently making money producing biofuels.  None of us will escape the environmental damage and political unrest caused by this crime.

Please support and promote The National Food Security Act, which is needed to protect the affordability and long term survivability of the human food supply.

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