Energy and Climate Myths Destroyed

     We make food with energy, so foolish energy policy that needlessly raises the cost of energy also raises the cost of food worldwide.  The higher the cost of food, the more innocent people die of malnutrition and related illness.  Very few politicians understand or even care about this proven fact.  I keep telling them to remember this basic equation,

     The only worthwhile renewable energy schemes for large scale energy production are reliable and continuous hydroelectric and geothermal power.  Biofuels, solar, and wind power do far more harm than good, and even the United States Government’s own National Research Council found that wind and solar reduce CO2 emissions to such a inconsequential extent they are not worth subsidizing.  The NRC found that biofuel farming increases greenhouse gas emissions rather than decreasing them.  Biofuels, wind, and solar schemes all have very low energy density, which means they produce large ecological footprints.  Diffuse and weak energy sources require costly, monster sized structures to collect that dispersed energy.

     Global biofuel farming has raised the cost of fertilizer, farmland, and food all over the world.  Malnutrition is the world’s leading cause of avoidable premature death, and the primary cause of avoidable mental retardation in children.  Biofuel production has killed far more people worldwide over the last 20 years than all wars and acts of terrorism combined.  Biofuels kill through malnutrition and related illness, not through bullets and bombs.  Those deaths are not reported by our media because biofuels are a diffuse crime.  The bodies of the poor who died from high food prices are scatted all over the Third World, and their families do not have lawyers.

     Biofuel production is eroding away the last remaining half of America’s prime Midwest topsoil at an alarming rate.  Globally, topsoil is being lost ten times faster than it is being replenished.  What will our grandchildren eat when all of our topsoil is gone?  Biofuel farming is also speeding the depletion of the world’s finite supplies of phosphates needed to make fertilizer.  Ask yourself, in this overpopulated world with limited agricultural resources, was it a good idea to make cars and trucks our competitors for food?  Why is it more "green" to drill the human food supply for energy than Alaska?

     Biofuels increase water pollution, accelerate deforestation, aggravate water shortages, and are inherently energy inefficient because their manufacture requires large amounts of fossil fuels to produce.  Ethanol contains one third less energy per gallon than gasoline, so ethanol mandates lower our miles per gallon while increasing engine repair bills.  The bottom line is that biofuel production is indefensible by any measure, and amounts to a unnecessary war on the human food supply. 

     Biofuel farming is helping mankind kill off the bees.  Two studies, "Country-specific effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on honey bees and wild bees" (, and “Chronic exposure to neonicotinoids reduces honey bee health near corn crops” (, were published in the journal Science.  The dual studies addressed the alarming worldwide death of bees and found that neonicotinoid pesticides kill bees in mass numbers, and that bees are exposed to more pesticides than previously thought, for longer periods of time than previously thought, and at greater distances from sprayed cropland than previously thought. 

     The United States uses massive amounts of pesticides on all of its biofuel crops, from corn, to soybeans, to rapeseed, and so does Brazil and all of the other countries engaged in biofuel farming.  With over 50 million acres of land dedicated to biofuel production in the USA, and over 155 million acres of land used for biofuel farming worldwide, and all those acres acting as death traps for bees, the impact on the world bee population is obviously tremendous.  The equation is simple; more biofuel farming equals more pesticide use, which equals more dead bees.

     Our politicians do not want to admit to their mass slaughter of bees because they want to continue government forced biofuel mandates in order to win the farm belt vote.  With so many guilty people responsible for the global biofuel disaster, from politicians and environmentalists, to farmers and distillers, to news organizations who actively campaigned for biofuels, there are few people interested in exposing the ugly truth.  The way to get rid of the biofuel scam and live politically is through a one-time-only payoff to farmers.  It's all about money, so pay farmers (not distillers) to accept a ban on all biofuels made from food or "crop waste," and all biofuels grown on farmland or that in any way competes with food production.  To market any biofuel it must pass a complete test and determination that it will not cause a biological infection of our biosphere, as genetically engineered algae and bacteria certainly will.  Biofuels are a dead-end technology that must be allowed to die off.

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     To satisfy 100% of New York City's electricity needs with wind power would require impossible around-the-clock winds within a limited speed range, and a wind farm the size of the entire state of Connecticut.  

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     After decades of hype and billions of dollars wasted, solar energy provides just a tiny insignificant fraction of United States electricity.  Solar photovoltaic cells and windmills suffer from the incurable problems of intermittent and unreliable operation.  Would you hire a drunken employee who only showed up for work part of the time, and on his own erratic schedule, not yours?  On top of that, the sloppy drunk demands a far higher salary than do reliable workers.  Wind and solar are fairy tale energy solutions for people who do not understand the real-world mathematics of energy production, and for those who wish to make money on a fad that should have died out years ago.

     The only authentic replacement for fossil fuels possible is some form of safe nuclear power, which has the highest energy density of all sources and is capable of operating reliably 24-7-365, not just when the wind blows and the sun shines.  The most promising types of safe nuclear energy include simplified hot fusion technology that does not use expensive lasers, as does the government funded International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project, which has become a costly boondoggle.  A number of private companies, including aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, have compact fusion designs they think they can get to work at reasonable cost.  The second alternative is Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, a.k.a. cold fusion, which many laboratories around the world claim is real and can produce small amounts of energy.  Even if this is true, LENR is totally unproven as a reliable marketable device for large scale energy production.  Though energy from LENR is a long shot possibility, we should remain open minded to new ideas.  A successful miniature LENR reactor could theoretically be used to power automobiles and trucks directly, thus eliminating the need for liquid transportation fuels of any kind.  The third alternative is molten salt thorium reactor technology, which is a inherently much safer form of fission technology from the 1970s that does not produce large amounts of radioactive waste.

     Relatively small amounts of money should be spent on fusion power research instead of wasting untold billions on subsidies and mandates that only harm our economy, increase unemployment, and raise the cost of food and energy.  Efficient products never require subsidies and mandates.  You only have to force and bribe people to buy products that don’t work in a cost effective way. 

     Are the Paris climate agreements worth the paper they are written on?  Television anchor Chris Wallace recently asked Al Gore: “You would agree that even if all 195 nations, now 194, met their targets, it still wouldn’t solve the problem.”  Al Gore answered: “That is correct.  However, it sends a very powerful signal to business and industry and civil society, and countries around the world.”  In other words, Albert Gore publicly admitted that the Paris Climate Agreement was just another costly but impotent act of government mandated symbolism.  Can empty symbolism drive you to work, and feed, shelter, and clothe your family?   

     Mark Mills of the Manhattan Institute points out that in 2017 "The world’s nearly 8 billion people and $80 trillion economy depend on hydrocarbons to supply over 80% of global energy; oil fuels 98% of transportation.”  Fossil fuels are keeping us all alive, and we should stop demonizing that gift of nature that is feeding us, clothing us, sheltering us, and allowing all of us, our children, and our beloved pets and farm animals to live another day.  Without fossil fuels we would not have even been born, and there would be no human civilization for radical environmentalists to complain about.  You cannot replace a three course meal (high energy density fossil fuels) with a single potato chip (low energy density wind, solar, and biofuels).  That is the basic mathematical truth our politicians are not telling us.

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PART II - Climate change is a political religion and a psychosomatic mental illness.

     As a scientific theory, man made climate change due to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels has as many loopholes as a rodeo, and is about as accurate as astrology.  It has succeeded in the marketplace of ideas only because it makes such a compelling story, a new age doomsday religion that puts Mother Nature on the Cross instead of Jesus.  Passionate Christians can see the face of Jesus in a random stain on a wall.  Passionate climate change enthusiasts see Niagara Falls freezing under record low temperatures as a sign of global warming.  All religion is irrational by nature, and not based in provable fact. 

     Can you imagine Albert Einstein throwing a tantrum and branding anyone who does not believe in his theories "traitors," "heretics," and "deniers"?  If we don’t do what the high priests of climate change say, we will all burn in the hell of global warming.  A hysterical witch hunt against carbon dioxide equals mass suicide through starvation, because all life on Earth, our own bodies, and our food supply are all made of CO2.  Human beings are approximately 18.5% carbon by weight, so a 150 pound human is constructed with about 28 pounds of elemental carbon. 

     There has been no global warming since 1998, but Barack Obama and other politicians put pressure on NOAA, NASA, and the IPCC to come up with fictional science in order to press forward with their own climate change agenda.  Climate data faking scandals have occurred all over the world, from Australia, to Europe, to the USA.  Absolutely absurd scientific papers are published blaming global warming for everything from low sperm counts to an increase in post-traumatic stress disorder caused by a rise in the number of weather related disasters, which in actual fact have not occurred.  There are no more storms, floods, and droughts worldwide than the historic average. 

     There is nothing unusual or wrong with Earth’s current average temperatures, which are constantly going up and down because our weather is constantly being affected by an almost infinite number of natural variables.  Natural drivers of Earth temperatures include solar output levels, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, cycles of deep ocean currents, and cycles of the Moon’s gravitational pull on ocean water.  Carbon dioxide is an extremely weak greenhouse agent which represents less than .04% of our atmosphere.  The idea that CO2 controls Earth temperatures is not supported by the ancient ice core records, or by measured temperatures recorded since the Industrial Revolution.

     The United States has experienced a subnormal amount of hurricanes for many years.  Now that the hurricane dry spell has been broken, politicians are absurdly blaming global warming.  One news anchor suggested that the Paris climate agreement would end all hurricanes forever.  Why are silly people shocked and alarmed when it gets hot in the summer, cold in the winter, that we have hurricanes during hurricane season, and tornadoes during tornado season?  It’s called “weather,” not “climate change.”  When government fires scientists who state that dangerous man made climate change has not occurred, while financially rewarding scientists who claim that the Earth is burning up, then real science has been replaced by junk science, politics, and hysteria.

Here are four quotes relevant to climate change enthusiasts.

1)  "Because the idea of climate change is so plastic, it can be deployed across many of our human projects and can serve many of our psychological, ethical, and spiritual needs." — Famous English socialist climate change advocate, Mike Hulme

2)  "No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world." — Former Canadian Minister of the Environment, Christine Stewart

3)  “The challenge I think we have is for some reason climate change has become a religion -- a politically induced religion instead of science fact that now we have to embrace and move forward on.” —  Former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

4)  "If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes accepted as truth." — Joseph Goebbels

     Real scientists do not trade emails sharing secrets on how to rig computer projections to fake conclusions, as the IPCC has done.  Real scientists do not gerrymander Earth weather station data to show abnormal warming which does not exist in fact, as NOAA has done.  Real scientists do not “fiddle” with temperature records, as NASA has done. Under pressure from Obama, NASA changed the way it calculates world temperatures to include ocean temperatures instead of just land mass temperatures.  The only reason to do this was to create an artificial spike in Earth temperatures on a graph that Obama could use to scare the public.  When science is for sale and under the command of politicians, it is no longer science.  Fewer than 50% of real climatologists believe that man made global warming due to atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is proven.  The 97% consensus figure is, and always has been, pure fiction.

     Our main ecological problem is global human overpopulation, yet no well known Democratic or Republican politician has addressed this touchy issue publicly.  Instead, they misdirect public unhappiness over numerous societal problems that they themselves have helped create in the name of political correctness toward the myth of man made climate change.  How is the U.S. ever going to protect its environment and survive as a nation with open border anarchy?  Climate change hysteria is a diversion from reality that is wasting time, money, and human lives.

     Localized surface level man made climate change due to land use change is 100% proven.  Cities get hotter than forests because concrete absorbs and retains more heat than grass and trees.  Therefore, if you wish to control that proven form of global warming, the best defense is strict border security and an end to illegal invasion, which we incorrectly and very dishonestly label "illegal immigration."  Immigrants ask permission, fill out forms, wait patently in line, and respect the laws of the country they wish to immigrate to.  Invaders just break in and take what they want.  The best way to protect our environment is to bury political correctness in our backyards and end open border anarchy.  National suicide is not good for our children or our environment, but the Democratic Party and many Republicans do not seem to understand that simple obvious fact.  Will they ever wake up from their ideological dream worlds?

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Also please watch Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever's speech that destroys the myths of climate change in such a sweet and logical way that it touches your heart.

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Christopher Calder 

Christopher Calder is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocate for world food supply security with no financial interest in any energy related business.