New Climate Discovery
 Zeller and Nikolov
Dr. Karl Zeller (left) and Dr. Ned Nikolov (right)

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     The crystal clear mathematical discovery by Dr. Karl Zeller and Dr. Ned Nikolov is based on official NASA data derived from space probes.  They used highly advanced mathematical analysis techniques to determine the average temperatures of the hard surfaced satellite bodies orbiting our Sun.  They were surprised to discover that they could accurately estimate the long term average temperature of Venus, Earth, Mars, Titan, and Triton by knowing just two facts: their distance from the Sun and their atmospheric pressure.  The big shock is that the gaseous composition of the atmospheres of all those planets and moons are mathematically irrelevant to determining their long term average temperatures.  For example, the atmosphere of Venus is composed of 96.5% carbon dioxide (CO2), while Earth’s atmosphere contains only a tiny amount of CO2, just .04%.  Even though Venus has 2,412 times more carbon dioxide than Earth measured as a percentage of its atmosphere, all that extra CO2 has no measurable effect on Venus’s long term average temperature.  Carbon dioxide and all the other atmospheric gases only contribute to temperature by their physical mass and resultant atmospheric pressure.  Mathematical predictions for planets and moons based on this new understanding and formula have proven accurate to within one degree Celsius.

     The Zeller-Nikolov discovery means that Earth's atmosphere keeps us warm via gas compression heating under the weight of Earth’s approximately 300 mile thick atmosphere, not by the greenhouse effect.  An actual greenhouse has a glass wall enclosing it.  Earth has no enclosure and is open to space, so the two scientists suggest that the term “greenhouse effect” be replaced by “atmospheric thermal enhancement.”  Heat is created by compressing atmospheric gases through the pull of gravity.  Similarly, in a diesel engine a piston is used to compress gases to generate enough heat to eliminate the need for a spark plug.  The tremendous gravitational pull on the enormous mass of Earth’s atmosphere combined with solar radiation warms our planet just enough to allow carbon based life forms to flourish.

     We teach our high school students that the carbon dioxide rich atmosphere of Venus creates a powerful greenhouse effect that keeps surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead, about 462 degrees Celsius.  Perhaps that heat is really produced by Venus’s proximity to the Sun and the weight of its atmosphere, which is over 90 times heavier than the Earth’s.  Venus’s tremendous atmospheric mass produces crushing atmospheric pressure which creates heat.

     The belief that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels control Earth temperatures was first proposed by Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius in 1896, but it has never been proven by empirical testing.  There has been an abundance of speculation and conjecture that has been turned into costly government funded computer climate models, but those gold-plated computer programs have had an abysmally poor record for accurately predicting anything.  The IPCC’s doomsday climate predictions have failed to materialized despite our media’s best efforts to distort and exaggerate.  Ordinary summer heat waves and winter storm activity have been dishonestly portrayed as precursors to the end of the world.

     Climate gurus keep pushing the date of catastrophe into the future because the global doom they keep predicting never arrives.  What has arrived are ordinary and expected minor fluctuations in Earth’s climate that have been going on since Earth was formed.  Ask yourself, when did the Earth have a climate that was more pleasant and beneficial to mankind than the climate we have today?  The honest answer is never.

     Zeller and Nikolov’s discovery helps explain our planet’s history.  Earth experienced severe ice ages when atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were many times higher than they are today, which is an inconvenient truth for those claiming CO2 is a planet-destroying greenhouse agent.  During the Jurassic Period, about 200 million years ago, Earth was significantly warmer and dinosaurs ruled the land while pterodactyls roamed the skies.  Pterodactyls were large winged reptiles that flew like birds despite their heavy bone structure and relatively slow metabolic rate.  Flight would be impossible in today’s relatively thin atmosphere, but when pterodactyls existed our atmosphere must have been denser, making pterodactyl flight more like swimming.  The greater the air density, the greater the aerodynamic lift, and the greater the atmospheric heat.  When Earth was so warm that it had tropical plants growing in polar regions, what was the atmospheric pressure at sea level?

     Total planetary atmospheric pressure always fluctuates over time.  In this universe everything changes: mountains erode, oceans evaporate, stars collide, and increased solar winds may blow the atoms of our atmosphere into space.  Earth constantly emits gases of many kinds, and water molecules break apart unleashing oxygen, allowing our planet to gradually restore lost air pressure.  An undulating atmospheric density combined with varying solar activity and changes in planetary orbits help explain Earth’s climate history.

     Politicians around the world want to spend economy-crushing fortunes fighting a war against carbon, the strategic life-giving element all our food and our own bodies are made from.  Humans are constructed with approximately 18.5% carbon by weight.  When you think carbon dioxide is a pollutant, it is carbon based chemical reactions in your brain that produces the neural electricity that creates those thoughts.  How can creatures made of carbon, who eat carbon based food and live in homes constructed with carbon, win a war of “decarbonization” without committing suicide?

     Real scientists know that you cannot control the weather with windmills, solar panels, and biofuels, yet the costly and counterproductive renewable energy fad continues.  Biofuel production is far more damaging to the environment than using oil, and was the prime cause of the world food crisis that occurred under the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations.  Millions died of malnutrition and related illness worldwide, yet there have been no apologies from politicians or the environmentalists who came up with the idea that burning food instead of oil was a good idea.  World food prices remain artificially high today due to continued biofuel farming, which is also causing topsoil erosion, water pollution, deforestation, and is a major contributor to the worldwide kill-off of bees due to increased pesticide use.  Crony capitalists and "liberal" politicians continue to promote energy schemes that have raised the cost of food, energy, and housing all over the world, which has harmed the world’s poor far more than the wealthy, the very opposite of what liberals are supposed to stand for.

     Carbon dioxide is an odorless, colorless, nontoxic gas, and the molecular fuel that powers and constructs all life on Earth.  CO2 is not a pollutant any more than oxygen is a pollutant.  Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is like money in the bank; it feeds all plant and animal life on Earth.  The CO2 humans have added to our atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution has made our trees and crops grow faster, bigger, and more resistant to drought.  NASA satellite data confirms there has been an increase in leaf growth on plants and trees measured over a 35-year period that is equivalent to an area of vegetation two times greater than the entire continental United States.

     The Zeller-Nikolov climate discovery may help reduce our irrational demonization of carbon and our unwarranted concern about global warming.  Humans cannot control natural fluctuations in Earth’s climate and temperature.  We need to concentrate on real environmental problems that we can actually solve, such as overpopulation, the reckless contamination of the human race with hormone altering chemicals and toxic food additives, and the use of pesticides which are killing off beneficial insects.  Money spent on the renewable energy delusion would be better spent on research into cleaner and safer forms of nuclear energy, which has the very high energy density and reliability needed to eventually replace fossil fuels.

     Despite multiple technical reviews by scientists around the world, no one has found error in Zeller and Nikolov’s basic mathematical formulas and specific computations, but that has not stopped some from throwing mud.  Criticisms have largely been complaints that their mathematical discoveries do not fit traditional climate models which are professionally and politically popular.  When did science and mathematics become a popularity contest?  One particularly unfair charge is that they "used a curve" to somehow rig results.  Zeller and Nikolov found a curve that was formed by Mother Nature (see video explanation).  They did not invent and then "use a curve."  If their new finding is false, why do the numbers line up as perfectly as a winning lottery ticket?  No mathematical gimmick could produce the correct results for so many planets and moons with such radically different atmospheres, and all at different distances from the Sun.  The mathematical techniques they used were non-human structures that are inherently unbiased.  The Zeller-Nikolov formulas are published online and are easily reproducible, unlike so much of the questionable science being promoted as fact by our politically driven news media. 
Is this discovery real?  You decide.  
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THE BIG QUESTION - If this new theory is false, why do the numbers line up like a winning Powerball ticket?  The odds of it being a coincidence have to be
millions to one.  Qualified scientists should evaluate the Zeller-Nikolov discovery and either expose their mistakes or applaud them for an important accomplishment.  Science progresses through an open-minded peer review process, not through censorship of new ideas.  No theory should be rejected just because it goes against currently popular scientific beliefs, is embarrassing to your political party, and hurts your personal pride and potential for financial gain. 

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