Video Tutorial Cures Climate Hysteria
Great NEWS!  New Climate Discovery

     The world has been misled by the man-made climate change theology of original sin.  We have all tasted the forbidden fruits of carbon based fuels, and now we will burn in the hell of global warming unless we do what the high priests of climate change say.  This comprehensive video tutorial is a cure for climate hysteria.

1)  "Human CO2 Emissions are Wholly Beneficial" - Dr. Patrick Moore, a PhD ecology scientist and former President of Greenpeace Canada, explains in 
42 minutes why carbon dioxide is a tremendous blessing, not a pollutant.  Moore's thoughtful words and clarifying graphs present a knockout blow against irrational extremists who wish to destroy industrialized civilization in order to cure a problem that does not exist.  Dr. Moore reminds us that CO2 created and feeds all life on Earth, and CO2 levels were getting dangerously low before man started replenishing our atmosphere with the essential fuel of life. 

"Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Energy" - Steve Goreham’s masterful and riveting 45 minute case against climate hysteria and for authentic fact based science, calmness, and reason.

"Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?" - Princeton University Physics Professor Will Happer explains in 5 minutes why the IPCC climate models have always been wrong.

4)  "Climate Hysteria" - 60 minutes of famous scientists explaining why carbon dioxide is not a major player in regulating Earth temperatures.

5)  "How the Global Warming Scare Began." -  John Coleman was a highly respected meteorologist who founded The Weather Channel.  Before John passed away, he produced this highly entertaining 36 minute video presentation, which details Al Gore's rise to political and financial power through creating climate hysteria.  Coleman explains the origins of the carbon dioxide based global warming theory in America, which he handily disproves by simply showing the audience the unaltered raw data of Earth's climate history.  John's good natured humor and wit are a powerful bonus. 

For information on data faking scandals and real climate science, read the "Moderating Climate Change Hysteria" web page.

For the big picture on energy production and better clean energy solutions, read "The Renewable Energy Disaster" website.

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